Summer is nearly upon us, and across Hawai’i, fruit trees are slowly coming into season. Mango trees especially have blossomed, and buds of fresh fruit are showing on trees in all neighborhoods across the state. Soon local grocers will have more and more local guava, lilikoi, and mango available. Pineapples can be found more commonly in Hawai’i, with thanks from Dole Plantation. However, everyone knows summertime brings a natural buffet that locals and tourists partake to enjoy.
How can you not indulge?

Enjoy Our Most Popular Hawaiian Tea

Here is a package of our most popular Hawaiian & Tropical Summer Fruit Teas, they include:

– Passion Orange Guava (POG) Black Tea – 2oz bag

– Mango Pineapple Green Tea – 2oz bag

– Peach White Tea – 2oz bag