i love tea to the moon and back

Photo: Pinterest, Steepedtea.com

Here is my attempt to articulate a small portion of “the art of tea”, or at least, what it means to me.

The art of tea is simply a person enjoying tea; drinking it, smelling it, finding that perfect cup of tea for the mood or situation.

A lot about tea (or anything for that matter) is more than just the taste. To be honest, there’s a lot better tasting things in this world. Lots of sugary sweets that’s delicious, savory snacks with a crunch.

Tea comparatively is bland. To me, tea is the process of brewing it, the smell of it while it steeps, the mood that it puts you in, or even the memory that it brings back. To me, it’s like music, poems, books, etc.

Tea just makes me feel good and I love it.

Currently enjoying a cup of, Golden Monkey Black Tea