Jasmine Dragon Pearls


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Green Tea | Moderate caffeine | Steep at 170° for 4 minutes

This jasmine pearl tea got its name from the shape of the tea leaves. Each individual leaf is hand-rolled and dried.

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Jasmine Dragon Pearl got its name from the shape of the tea leaves. Each leaf is hand-rolled, dried, and mixed with the scent of jasmine flowers. Once you open the package you will be mesmerized with the beautiful aroma and this continues when brewed. The liquor is sweet and almost sugary. Very soft, airy mouthfeel. The delicate quality of the flavor is due in part to the leaves used to produce this tea: two tender, tiny new leaves and one plump unopened leaf bud. Younger leaves will yield softer flavor.

Jasmine tea production is a two-step process. The tea is harvested and finished in the spring, then carefully stored until the summer, when the jasmine starts to bloom at night. Each evening, the tea is carefully layered with fresh blooms, which will open and give their scent to the tea. In the morning, the flowers are removed and the process is repeated again that evening. This happens several nights in a row until the tea master has the aroma balance just right. In the end, the tea is refired to dry off any flower moisture imparted to the leaf. This is why some jasmines can have a toasty finish.

Temperature: 170°F, Boiling first then let water sit for 2 min; Use: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces of water; Infusion time: 4 minutes.

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2 reviews for Jasmine Dragon Pearls

  1. Rich Cena

    Best Jasmine Pearls Ever!

  2. Heather Johnson (verified owner)

    These pearls brew up so nicely. Good mild flavor.

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