Gunpowder Green Tea


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Ingredients Chinese green tea from Zhejiang province, China
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all about the tea

Gunpowder tea is a form of Chinese tea in-which the leaves are rolled into pellets. When steeped, the tea pellets unwind and create a golden yellowish liquid. Its English name comes from its resemblance to grains of Gunpowder.

Gunpowder tea leaves are withered, steamed, rolled, and then dried. Rolling renders the leaves less susceptible to physical damage and breakage and allows them to retain more of their flavor and aroma. When buying gunpowder tea, it is important to look for shiny pellets, this indicates that the tea is relatively fresh. Pellet size is also associated with quality, larger pellets being considered a mark of lower quality tea.

Best served: Hot Tea with Honey



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teabags tube tin 2oz 4oz 8oz 1lb
12 cotton single-serve teabags approx. 20g loose leaf approx. 1.75oz loose leaf approx. 20 cups approx. 40 cups approx. 80 cups approx. 160 cups



steeping instructions

1-2 tsp of tea 475 ml (16 oz) of 85/185 water for hot tea or 295 ml (10 oz) for iced Steep for 3-4 minutes Enjoy hot or add ice for iced tea



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